Find Your Purpose!

Working with Partotel doesn't just mean doing a 9-6 job. You are the most important stakeholder. You are an integral part of the family. It's about impact, not activity!

We believe in 3H's, Head - Heart & Hand. Our Values are driven by a combination of thinking (head), doing (hands) and feeling (heart).

Partotel focuses on the knowledge and behaviors you need to create value and make an impact at work, shifting the focus from generic best practice to values-based decision-making.

It's about keeping you future-fit!

Our Career Map is designed to evolve you in line with the shifting landscape of the people profession. The core values and purpose driving the professional standards will be the same, come what may. But as new roles, specialisms, priorities and opportunities emerge, the Career Map will adapt to incorporate them.

It embodies the new role of people professionals!

Today, we are creating meaningful value for people, hotels, society and our profession. Partotel introduces changes you want to see in your personal and professional life.

Mentors at Partotel help you make sound decisions regardless of context, even when there are no rules or precedents to guide you.

Show business your true value – We believe in shifting the focus from the activities you carry out to the impact you make and the value you create, making it easier to prove your worth.

Reflect the full breadth of the people profession– Our Career Map gives due prominence to L&D, both as core and specialist components of the standards.

Have people at its heart– Partotel features core behavior areas focusing on ethical practice, inclusive working and valuing people.

Simplify things – We've written it all around, in clear, direct and jargon-free language to simplify things, simplify processes.

Be relevant in a globalized world - This is a truly international standard.

Our business model involves us at almost every stage of the Hotel industry in more than one market, so we offer a wide variety of positions and locations.

For every job category we offer and in every market we serve, the Partotel also believes very strongly that its people are its single-greatest source of added value, so we work hard to retain deserving performers who share our core values. Ones who take on the spirit of these values become Parters. People who predict the future by creating it themselves. They enjoy internal mobility across the full breadth and depth of our operations, giving each and every member of the team more possibilities to chart out a successful career path.

Every Parters strives to become the best possible version of him – or herself, and we help them do it.

This means investing in qualified Parters by nurturing their skills through a wide range of both internal and external customized training as well as commitment to career development and growth that opens up even more avenues for in-house advancement. It also means a transparent ecosystem, one in which we empower our people to achieve their ambitions by rewarding merit and ensuring equal opportunity for all.

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